DC group

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An innovative, industry transforming group of enterprises here to penetrate and improve a wide range of markets, for the benefit of both customers and businesses, whether small, medium or large.

A world-class entertainment site, providing a synergy of top-notch, personalised marketing services for our global restaurant, hotel and travel partners and the customers looking to procure their services.

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We pride ourselves on our first-class, personalised marketing services. We cater diligently to each of our vendors & merchants requirements on a completely individual basis.

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A one of a kind, world-wide travel booking app. We match travellers with the best suited personalised travel options for them. From the parameters you set, our advanced search engine connects you with top notch providers, delivering tailor-made options according to your specifications. We aim to provide you with the best deals for all aspects of travel – and all in one place!

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