The travel booking app

Who are we?


A one of a kind, world-wide travel booking app. We match travellers with the best suited personalised travel options for them. Our search engine allows you to define the exact parameters of your heart’s deepest travel desires – whether you seek flights, hotel bookings, taxi rides or trains (and many more!). From the parameters you set, our advanced search engine connects you with top notch providers, delivering tailor-made options according to your specifications. We aim to provide you with the best deals for all aspects of travel – and all in one place!

Why we do what we do?


We have identified a gap in the market traditional travel apps are failing to fill. We hear endless stories of despair from travellers seeking an easier way to book the elements of their trip. After all, travelling isn’t about spending hours trawling through multiple sites to find mediocre options, which end up riddled with hidden fees. Often these sites use cookies and infuriatingly hike the prices when you search for something more than once! It is not uncommon for taxi hire companies to have very questionable staff on their payroll – not vetted or trained at all. We have solved this problem!

Our mission statement

We aim to be the leading, most ethical travel app where customers can book all their travel needs on a single platform – flights, hotel, taxi, trains and many more. Our advanced search engine allows customers to specify every single detail they may desire. We streamline the process, linking you with the best suited services at the best possible price – saving you valuable time and money. We vet all our providers, ensuring their authenticity and ability to provide the service we guarantee. We charge a minimal fee, enabling us to provide customers with far better deals than our competition.

  • Flights

    Our flight plans can be tailored to your exact specifications. We are upfront and transparent with all aspects of the price (e.g. baggage allowances). We will find you the best deals for your flight plan, however simple or complex your trip may be.

  • Hotels

    Just tick the boxes for every detail you look for in your accommodation. We will find you the best deals, making sure all our hotel providers meet the advertised quality standards.

  • Taxis

    Nowadays, anyone can become a taxi driver. We attentively listen to driver reviews and backgrounds to ensure your chauffeur embodies quality and safety.

Our ethos

We aim to eradicate the unethical practice of companies using consumer’s cookie data against them. Our prices will not change, no matter how many times you use our search engine. We aim to keep our fees to a minimum in comparison with our competitors – allowing cheaper deals for our customers, and better margins for our providers. We aim to make travel accessible, easy and fun for all!